Do You Copy? Game

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Do You Copy? Free Download is an excellent game for horror fans. The game has high-quality 3D graphics and creepy sounds.

The game belongs to the horror genre. The player controls the ranger through a first-person perspective. You see many mysteries in the fourth tower in a national park.

A mysterious call will start a series of tragedies.

An overview of the game

The game is an excellent product from SpaceOctopusStudios. The game begins simply from a mysterious call from a tourist.

You are the ranger, and you must solve the mystery from the stranger. You sense something vague or strange. Through each answer, you will discover a terrible truth.


The game has many attractive points such as:

  • Explore the map to find helpful information in “Do You Copy?”.
  • Your answer will determine the direction of travel of tourists.
  • Your answer determines the course of the adventure. Therefore, the player can create many different endings.
  • The game has many exciting and challenging questions.
  • The duration of the game is short, and the game has a lot of high replay value.


In short, the game is a great Adventure Game if you love exploration. Moreover, the game brings a lot of experience with beautiful 3D graphics.

Download the game and help the ranger on a night of terror!


by: Space Octopus Studios @SpaceOctopusStudios

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