> Dormitabis

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>Dormitabis is a horror tale about some adventure of you and your friend to a horrible place. This is also the place where some mystery stories have been built. If you want to find out the truth, you need to come to this place. There will be more fun for you than just some monster and scary creatures.

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> Dormitabis

In this game, you will be a curious man who so dumb to get in a terrible place. You will have to face some monsters in this place. They are monsters, and they live under a puppet’s skin. All they want from you is your blood and your skin. They want to walk and talk like other people on this planet.

These monsters don’t want to be a human, all they want to walk among us. After that, they will lead people to their place and then kill them for fun. This plan has been explosive, so they want to kill you. Five Nights at Freddy’s will throw you in this danger. Players need to repair themselves, or there will be nothing you can do when you meet monsters. They will not let you go that easily.

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By: Nicchi @Blackout1912

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