Five Nights at Candy’s 2

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Five Nights at Candy’s 2 come with monsters and enemies from your nightmare. You will have to fight them all if you want to live and see yourself tomorrow. This version of the game provides for players the scariest monsters and challenges. They will have to come over all the challenges and then fight some bosses to win.

Five Nights at Candy’s 2

FNAF Games have added many adventures in this version. You will soon see all the monsters of your nightmare here. There will be some things you need to know before starting the game.

Players will fight alone, and there will be no help for them in this version. You can use some tools to help your fight be easier, but it will soon disappear. So it would be best if you made it quick, or there will be no tools for you to use. Also, this game will bring back some old fears that you might have seen before. Win all of them and get your ticket out of this horrible place.

Downloading Five Nights at Candy’s 2 free will be easy!


by: Emil “Ace” Macko @Emilmacko

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