Five Nights in Anime (FNaF fangame)

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Five Nights in Anime (FNaF fangame) is a good PC 2D game. In this game, you shall see some characters that we make for anime lovers. The way you place this game will be very different from the gameplay to the story and other game missions.

Five Nights in Anime

Players will need to stay calm before what is about to happen to them. There will be some monsters with a sexy outlook. And all they want is to fool you and then take your life. The more you try to resist them, the harder they will try to defeat your will.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horrible place, you can run, but you can not hide in this place. There is only an office where you can stay and find a way to win against this horrible monster. You shall have our help, but you need to work for it. Players need to find all the support, such as notes, tools, and objects in some rooms.

Download Five Nights in Anime (FNaF fangame) free. You will have what you need in this horror game!


by: Mairusu @Mairusu

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