Five Nights with Barsik Saga

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Five Nights with Barsik Saga Free Download will send you to a whole new play. Five Nights with Barsik Saga replaces monsters with cats and some toys. Your battle started!

Five Nights with Barsik Saga is a good game for you to test your skill. There will be no need for you to download the game from CH Play.

This will be our one game that only allows you to get it on our page. To see more info about this one, please come with us on this horror journey!

Five Nights with Barsik Saga

The game will ask you to do one thing only, and that will be to fight with cats and toys. They are the new monsters you need to fight with instead of real machines.

These new characters will also come with new voices and sounds. As soon as you enter the playground, there will be some weird sounds going on.

Players need to base on sound and what they see to fight!

Five Nights at Freddy’s

This game also bases a lot on our legendary game. So you can catch up with the story: five nights, many monsters, and one escape. Try hard to be the winner!


Upload by: Fangly @Fangly

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