FNAC 4 (Working title) (Official)

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FNAC 4 (Working title) (Official) is a horror place where you have to stay and fight for your job. This place is full of monsters, and some of them want to kill you and take your soul. Do not let them do that to you. Enter the night guard room and watch for their movement. They can be anywhere at any time. You need to be focused, or the last thing you see will be a puppet smile.

FNAC 4 (Working title) (Official) download gamejolt for pc
FNAC 4 (Working title) (Official)

This Five Nights at Freddy’s will have a normal mode where you can start from the first night. In another mode, you will have to fight with monsters in the six nights. This is where all things go out of control. They will come for your head, and you must stay focused not to let them do that. This is an online and offline game for your PC. You can have this game on mobile in another version.

Download FNAC 4 (Working title) (Official) free for more experience in your dwarf night. Have your adventure start!


by: Emil “Ace” Macko @Emilmacko

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