FNaF:Freddy Pizzeria Clicker APK For Android

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FNaF:Freddy Pizzeria Clicker APK For Android Free Download is a simple 2D game. Just keep clicking to grow Fazber’s pizzerias – the celebrity from Five Nights At Freddy’s. You go on a crazy day at the pizza shop with Fazbear. The more pizzas you create, the more points you earn. Gameplay is simple, and you need to stay focused to earn maximum bonuses from the pizza in the middle of the screen. If you achieve one hundred clicks, then you will receive a gift with various rewards. You use bonus points to unlock new characters or unlock items to speed up production.

FNaF:Freddy Pizzeria Clicker

FnaF: Freddy Pizzeria Clicker APK For Android helps you have a lot of fun, and relaxation. Game time is limited when the energy ends; the working day also ends. However, you can use extra items to prolong your fun time and speed up the excellent pizza production process.

Unlock new characters for even more help, and choose your favorite background music for a more fun experience. The game feels like another FNaF APK for Android.


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