Honeybear’s Fantasy

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Honeybear’s Fantasy is a horror game, and this game will send monsters to your house. You will wake up and remember nothing about yesterday. All you know that you have been locked in this house.

Honeybear’s Fantasy

And there will be five nights until your parents come back home. You will have all the food and drink you need for five days or longer. But that is not the actual problem that you are about to face. Something has broken the door of your basement and got into your house. We don’t know what it is, but it must be big and strong.

You will have nothing to defend yourself but a camera and a flashlight. Players will need to find anything they have left in the house. Use them to protect yourself from other things, such as that one under your basement. A good story for an FNaF fangame!

Download Honeybear’s Fantasy free. This will be a good chance for you to enjoy the battle between you and other monsters. Fight and win your life before they take it away!


by: Printy @Printy

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