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Insanity will only ask you a question, how long can you live here? When the FNAF Song comes up, this will be when you lose your life. They will come and end you!


Insanity Story

Insanity will not let you live in a quiet time. You will meet some monsters, and they are the enemy that the game gives to you. There will be one thing you need to get in your mind. They are not your friends, and they will never show you how to win this game.

The battle will start, but you and your team will never know when. You better repair yourself; your bad things happen to you quickly. FNAF Song is a type of new production of yours. This song will help you know better about the game. When you meet a monster, that monster will come along with a song. Players need to know that song so the next time it comes up, you will know who you are dealing with.

This game will not take from you any money. It will be free, and we have a whole download system for you to have this game. Insanity Free Download will be the feature you need to take a lot at to have this game.


by: Salvage. @Saalvage

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