JOLLY 2 APK for Android

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JOLLY 2 APK for Android will be your fight in a restaurant. This is where some monsters are living and have their revenge on humans. Some new updates have made this game even better. Players can check out some new features of this version, such as:

JOLLY 2 APK for Android
  • You can custom the night of this game, and players will have their permission to choose monsters. And the battle place will be in your hand too, so make it witty and win your battle.
  • This game will bring you some free 8 bits of death. When a monster notices you and kills you, that death show will start.
  • This will be the extra night when you must fight and try all you have if you want to win. There will be more monsters than you have ever seen in the FNAF APK game.

Downloading JOLLY 2 APK for Android free for your PC will make your day better. This game will come along with some notes. You need to read them all if you want to win this version of the game.


by: IvanG @IvanG

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