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JOLLY 2 is about the battle of you and your horrible dream. You will have to face your fear and then come over it if you want to win this game. There will be some adjustments that we have made for you in this game. Such as:

  • A custom mode for you in this game. This mode will let you choose all the monsters you want to fight with. And this mode will also allow you to download and add more monsters.
  • This game will allow you to join an extra fight. This is where you must try all the items, ways, and tools you have to defeat all monsters.
  • FNAF Download will let you download all the features for free. You can check for some new features. Follow us will show you the updates.
  • We have a phone call for you in the game. You can base on the phone call and make your next move.
  • There will be some cutscene you can see in the game. It will help you win!

Download JOLLY 2 free and please leave some feedback!


by: IvanG @IvanG

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