Joy and me: blind despair For PC

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Joy and me: blind despair For PC has a big story to tell you. Inside this game, you will have to fight with some monsters. The game’s first story has said that a wooden toy was sent to you as a present. This toy looks very scary, and you don’t know what to do with it except leaving it in your basement.

Joy and me: blind despair

One night, you hear something moving in front of your bedroom door, and when you open the door, that toy shows up. It is only now you have realized this is not an average toy. And if you don’t try to find a way to destroy it. This toy will soon destroy you and your family.

FNAF Games will be the page that you need to download this game and read the story. This will be a free game, and the evil wooden toy will be unique. There will be no fanmade of it, so players can only see it in this game.

Joy and me: blind despair For PC Download Free is ready. Download and play with your toy!


by: wistarck oficial @wistarck_oficial

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