Mary’s Arcade

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Mary’s Arcade Free Download offers short horror nights. Players face a series of complex and scary challenges.

Mary’s Arcade Download is an excellent game for horror fans. The game has no complicated plot, and you will enjoy the challenges of the game.

Download the game and experience great things!

An overview of the game

Psonday is the creator of the game. Psonday has been working independently and very seriously for many years on this game. You can download the game for free on game jolt.

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Mary’s Arcade has many new features, including:

  • The game has no complicated plot, and the gameplay is engaging & straightforward.
  • Players participate in short challenges, and all levels are very challenging.
  • The game has exciting tools, and players have many memorable experiences during horror nights.
  • The game uses point-to-click mechanics. You will have to face the pursuit of animatronics in a small room.
  • Use the camera system to stop the danger from the animatronics!


In short, the game is an excellent indie for people who like the horror genre.

Check out FNAF fan games, and have many great nights with your beloved PC!


by: psonday @psonday

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