Missing at Fredbear’s

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Become a detective and investigate at local Fredbear’s Diner & Arcade. If you are curious, Missing at Fredbear’s Free Download is available right here.

Missing at Fredbear's Free Download
Missing at Fredbear’s

Missing at Fredbear’s will take you to local Fredbear’s Diner & Arcade where you play an investigator. The story starts with a call from a stranger reporting her 8-year-old girl is missing on the way returning home from her birthday party.

Sounding desperate, the mother insists you of coming to the diner to find her missing daughter. This is where you face the thrills.

You will start by looking around and realize that you are in the middle of a land of weird noise and unusual movements. Somewhere in the dark, you will hear strange notes or newspaper clipping clanking. And there a homicidal animatronic show up…just for fun.

Unfortunately, the establishment is covered in no light. The feeling of knowing nothing of what ahead is a truly creepy one. You will be walking through objectives/minigames, discovering secrets, and coping with deadly animatronics.

You, the poor detective, are so eager enough to overcome the horrors, aren’t you? The Missing at Fredbear’s does bring sufficient challenges that spicing up your FNaF addiction. Will you be up for that? Explore right now in this game.


By: The Frebby @TheFrebbyDev

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