Post-Shift 2

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Post-Shift 2 is a good game to play if you like horror games. When coming to this game, you must be a night guard, and your job will go smoothly until one night. This is when all the machines in this place wake up and start chasing you.

Post-Shift 2

Once they come, you need to get to your office and watch for their move. In this way, players can keep themselves safe before all the monsters. And also, in this game, you shall have some support that might help you go through the game. Your gameplay will not be that easy, so you have to make a hard try.

If you like some FNaF Songs in this game, you can download them in the instruction. They are free and will soon have some updates for you. Some of them are custom, and the others will be unique. Players can enjoy the game in their way and win the battle by themselves.

To download Post-Shift 2 free, you need to have your PC on and internet-connected. Good luck!


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