SCP – The Endurance

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SCP – The Endurance is an original game where you and other players will spend their time-fighting monsters. In this limited version, you will be alone in a dark room. This will hide you from other things living in this place.

SCP – The Endurance

Players can use some items in this game to help themselves from dying. You can use the flashlight to fight with monsters, helping you keep them away. But this item only lasts for a few minutes, so you must make it quick before it runs out of energy.

FNAF Games will allow you to download this game. You can have all the needed update laters. The more you play, the better your skill will be, and you can win any match much more manageable.

Download SCP – The Endurance free for your PC is the way for you to have more experience. This game will be different, and you can feel it on the first night. Your duty will be complete, but your life may be in danger.


by: Elefelen @Elefelen

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