Sonic Coffees (2020 edition) (non canon)

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Sonic Coffees (2020 edition) (non canon) will be a bloody place for you to come. This place will be full of dead bodies, and you might become one of them. When coming to the place, you need to get to the office because this is the only place for you to hide.

Sonic Coffees Free Download
Sonic Coffees

Monsters will come to you, and there will be some way for you to defend them. They can break into your office, but you also will have some tools to fight them. The more you fight, the better you will have your skill train. You don’t need to hide much, because last night some of them will come into your office efficiently.

One big thing in this Fan game you need to know is to fight. This is the best way for you to win this game. You can also collect some tools, clues and solve some questions to win this game. But that will take you a long time to complete.

Sonic Coffees (2020 edition) (non canon) Free Download is sure ready for you. Get your game and earn your winnings!


By: Flying Squirrel @superkirbyjs

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