Sonic Flow 2

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Sonic Flow 2 free download will now be in a 3D version for players to join. Sonic Flow 2 will bring more fun and also more challenges for you to overcome.

Sonic Flow 2 is ready for you to download. You can make your game better thanks to some new updates from us. The game will be free to install for your PC.

If you want to enjoy this game on your mobile, you need to wait a few more days. We will soon make this work on the pocket version.

Sonic Flow 2

The game will be different than other versions of Sonic. And you can make your choice on which character you want to play. You can play Sonic in the blue color or Tails in Yellow one.

They are both fast, solid, and adorable too. You can have more fun when joining this game in the hard mode. There will be more changes for you to take in this mode.

Fan games tips:

The game will soon be updated, so make sure you get it when it is.

Pick another character who will show you how this game will work.

The other character will help you to know more skills that you can use in this game.

by: PixelBytee @PixDev

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