Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED

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Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED Free Download offers an exceptional gaming experience that will bash your boring day. Download the FNaF-fan games now.

Spring Locked at Fredbear's REMASTERED Free Download
Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED

OLD Version Spring Locked at Fredbear’s Remastered Alpha 3

Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED is a game in the series of FNaF games where you play as a nightguard as always.

So, welcome to Fredbear’s Family Diner, and it’s time to wander around the creepy place, exploring what’s in the dark. Like all FNaF Fan Games, your duty is to ensure that the animatronics mascots out of damage. This means you are a night technician. But the job is not that simple as the animatronics can jump out and scare the sh*t out of you.

New features in this Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED include

  • New & Improved Gameplay Mechanics
  • New, more Realistic models (read CREDITS to see creators)
  • Voice Acting
  • Free Roam

Get ready to meet more figures of creepy animatronics and the jump-scare scenes. More than that, you have to protect those mechanical figures from being stolen. While the place is covered in the darkness, you will be wandering among the thrilling breeze where lights are out, and terrific faces may show up anytime, anywhere.

This FNaF fangame will be a new gaming experience that sets you out of the ordinary.


by: The Frebby Official @TheFrebbyDev

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