Static: DarkStories

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Static: DarkStories, which is for free download here, takes inspiration from the Five Nights At Freddy’s of Scott Cawthon. The author wants to bring a new and interesting experience for the fans with the release of this game.

It is designed to be a click-and-point horror game coming along with a lot of horrible and violent elements such as the look of animatronic robots, effect sounds, graphics, so on.


The game brings us to immerse ourselves in a creepy story that sets in Fredbear and Friends Pizzeria & Arcade. This is a pizzeria where kids and their parents can come to entertain. You will put yourself into the shoes of a nightguard who will pretend to be robbers, intruders, etc. with the aim of messing up everything in order to get sweet revenge.

Nevertheless, during the night time, cute-on-daytime robots suddenly become weird and unpredictable. They turn into bloody pieces and cause obsession for people. And only you know this creepy thing. It is worth noting that no one can protect you from these characters. Try your best to hide carefully and get out of this pizzeria as soon as possible.

Let’s get started to download Static: DarkStories for free here and start things off to find out your fate.


by: Black Moon Studios @BlackMoonStudios

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