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TEALERLAND is a big horror version of FNAF. The gameplay and the story of this game will be the same as other games we have. But your fight will be different, and you will have more choice on move and tools. All you need to do is bring out all the clues you can find in this horrible place.


The truth of it will soon discover, and you shall have your chance to win. But before that, you need to come over all the fear of this game. There will be some unique design monsters. They are much faster, and they can chase you down wherever you are.

Also, in this game, you can ask for another player’s help. You can join some online mode and have your fight along with other people. These FNAF Games will base on the number of players to adjust the difficulty of the game. More players mean more monsters and demons.

Download TEALERLAND free for your PC and get all the help you need. We will try to contact you when you have a problem with this game.


by: NeeTroo @NeeTroo

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