The Return to Bloody Nights

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The Return to Bloody Nights Free Download offers many moments of original horror. All are a real challenge for anyone.

The Return to Bloody Nights Download offers authentic horror experiences.

An overview of the game

The game belongs to SashaDudeRUS. The game features a compelling new storyline, and it’s all inspired by the Scott Cawthon series.

Check out more of the fun of the game below!


The Return to Bloody Nights has many new features, including

  • The game features high-quality 3D-2D graphics, immersive sound, and a horror atmosphere like the legendary series.
  • Animatronics are very powerful, dangerous, and have intelligent AI.
  • The game is based on the main characters and events from the Scott Cawthon series. You will love the new lore of the game, and the possibilities are more realistic.
  • The game offers exciting jumpscare and a lot of interesting hidden content. You will love the movie-quality Cutscenes.
  • The game has attractive minigames, has a leaderboard, and a collection of Trophies.
  • You choose the Challenge and difficulty of each level


In short, the game is a new and exciting challenge for fans of Scott Cawthon.

Check out The Return to Bloody Nights download and join the darkest animatronic nightmares!


by: Kazovsky @SashaDudeRUS

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