The Salvaged

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The Salvaged Free Download delivers a crazy interview with weird characters. You use questions to decide what to do. The game has lots of bizarre sounds, and jumpscare moves.

The Salvaged Free Download
The Salvaged

The Salvaged Free Download

The Salvaged is a fun, horror-style puzzle game. The Interviewed series inspired the game. Each animatronic will have a personality and a way of acting. You will have to free the familiar electronic energies like Molten Freddy, William Afton, Scrap Baby, and Lefty.

The Salvaged has a simple gameplay and mainly focuses on solving puzzles. You start with Scrap Baby, but you’ll have to wait and free Molten Freddy, the first lucky animatronic. After each successful salvage, the player can pick up an animatronic found in the alley or discard the animatronic. Each player’s choice will bring a different ending. The graphics are high-quality, and everything is minimal and should put the player in great concentration. You can find hidden secret collections in the game and the personal codes of the story.

The game is about all FNAF 6 minigames, and you can see animations from the entire FNAF World franchise. Focus on salvaging the animatronic, and you will find many exciting mysteries. Don’t open the speaker too loudly if you want to be intimidated by haunting jumpscare.


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