The Twisted Carnival (FNaF fan-game)

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The Twisted Carnival (FNaF fan-game) is your new job, and you will have to stay here for five nights. That may sound easy, but it will never be that easy for you. Players need to try anything they want if they need to find their victory.

The Twisted Carnival (FNaF fan-game) download for pc
The Twisted Carnival (FNaF fan-game)

This horror game will allow you to contact and meet some monsters. They live in the carnival where you are working. They are the machine puppets that have been added to this place to help customers. But no one knows how they turn out to be this terrible, and now they try to kill you too.

If you want them to stay away from you, players must find a hiding place first. It will help you to save some time to solve the mystery of this place first. The next battle of you will never be easy, so players need to keep their minds calm. The victory will be yours if you know what you should do in this FNaF fangame.

Download The Twisted Carnival (FNaF fan-game) free and help other players to download this game too. This will be your next playground so enjoy your battle in the offline mode. When you need online mode, we will provide it for you. But in this demo version, you will have to play alone. Monsters are more dangerous than you think!


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