Those Nights at Rachel’s

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Those Nights at Rachel’s will be your fight, and you have yourself and some monsters. They all come from the bottom of hell. And they can send you to your worst nightmare. The only chance for you to win this game is to battle with all monsters.

Those Nights at Rachel’s

They are the main character of the FNAF game. Some of them are fan-made, so you will not recognize them. Also in this game, we will have some presents for you. The answer will be in your gameplay. Look for any corner you can to have all the items you might need.

Five Nights at Freddy’s will be the game you can not skip. This is a horror game for PC players, and soon, it will be a mobile version for you. Download this version and then follow us for mobile once. Your battle only begins when you take your step in this horrible place.

Download Those Nights at Rachel’s free and get some tips to play on our page. You will soon master this game!


by: Nikson. @Nikson_Official

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