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UNDERTALE: ULTRA SANS FIGHT (UNOFFICIAL) Free Download offers incredible 2D battles with Sans- a legendary skeleton with a sinister smile. Sans is charming and also extremely brutal.

Players can face many challenges of Sans in the final match. Of course, you can pass the game if you have quick hands. Also, it would help if you had the concentration to win in the end.

An overview of the game

TheKiddo took a long time to create the complete game. Toby Fox’s original Undertale influences the game. The main production reason is from the weak Undertale version of A Huge Pancake.

Lots of challenges are waiting for you!


UNDERTALE: ULTRA SANS FIGHT (UNOFFICIAL) offers many valuable additions such as:

  • The game features a classic and innovative Sans match. You can feel the final round like the original Undertale, but you also have a lot of fun in the new challenges.
  • The game introduces many support items for you to protect your fragile heart.
  • The game has an attractive and highly stimulating music playlist. Music is an excellent factor in every challenging game against Sans.


Ultra Sans is like other FNAF fangames. Bad fangame needs a worthwhile addition. Of course, everyone can download the game on gamejolt for free, and the size of the game is shallow.

Download the game for free and feel the great fun on your beloved PC!


by: TheKiddo @TheKiddo

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