Vive Nights at Freddy’s: A VR Fan-Remake Free Download delivers a horror experience through realistic VR functionality. The game retains the spirit of the FnaF series.

Vive Nights at Freddy's: A VR Fan-Remake Free Download
Vive Nights at Freddy’s: A VR Fan-Remake

The game only gives you two horror nights, and one is a challenging Halloween version. Independent developer ‘Dielji developed the game’. The game takes place at Freddy’s main office. You’ll also meet familiar pizza models, and kid-friendly sham from adorable animatronics.

Your job is as a nightguard. You view security cameras from your screen with only a low amount of electricity. Vive Nights at Freddy’s: A VR Fan-Remake always puts you in a precarious situation of lack of lighting, security cameras fluttering, and security doors confusing closed. You face the rage of ferocious animatronics. If Freddybear or the animatronic isn’t on the camera screen, take care to stop the dangerous onslaught.

The gameplay still talks about puzzles through the camera, ventilation system, and other objects (like flashlights, computers). The game is impressed by its use of the VR control system. You use VR triggers to interact with objects from FNAF games.


By: Dielji @Dielji

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