Wonderland: Termination

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Claim your Wonderland: Termination Free Download today and enjoy exploring the world of rottenness and ultimate fear. Get to know the game here.

Wonderland: Termination Free Download
Wonderland: Termination

Wonderland: Termination Free Download

Wonderland: Termination is what you need right now to escape the boring daily life to the world of abomination.

It started 10 years ago, when CEO Harold Waters disappeared, putting Wonderland Entertainment to its end. Then, a ragtag company came to resurrect the park, at the same time, found Harold Waters’ old family home abandoned.

Now, you begin working in the park, putting the mysterious figures into places and make sure the place is safe. But that’s not all. In Wonderland: Termination, you have to fight for your life against those animatronics that you just set up. They come alive at night and turn lethal. There are levels you will walk through to make the next day alive. More exciting, each time a monster is born, an FNAF Song will come up.

If you don’t want to be eaten by animatronics, play wisely and strategically. Don’t even think about running away from the place because you are destined to save it from the haunt of the deadly animatronics. Would you be buried with the neglect or make it to the bright day?


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