CANCELED – Woppy and Friends – The Pilot Episode is about yourself and other mysteries. In this game, you will have to fight with some animal. They come from the other side of the world, and you will never know what they can do.

CANCELED - Woppy and Friends - The Pilot Episode
Woppy and Friends – The Pilot Episode

You have to walk in the dark and collect some clues to find your way out in the game. This job will not be comfortable for you so take your time if it has been too hard. Also, in this version, you will have some new tips to play the game.

  • We have all new scary things for you in this game. We will not show you what it is until you download and play the game. That will be a hilarious moment when you meet them.
  • This game has some FNaF songs for you, and they are brand new songs. Other songs will be updated soon for you. This song will relate to the monsters you see in the game.
  • You will read a new story, and in it, you are the main character. You must know what this story is all about and then show how to win it.

Woppy and Friends – The Pilot Episode Download Free for you, get your game and start your adventure. We will bring you more songs and monsters to play with, and they are free and unique.


By: Rotas @RobinTharsGames

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