Omega Custom Night: Reborn

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Omega Custom Night: Reborn free download will bring you a big change on the main game. You can see all the Omega Custom Night Games mode in this one.

Omega Custom Night: Reborn Free Download
Omega Custom Night: Reborn

About Omega Custom Night: Reborn

Omega Custom Night: Reborn free download will not come alone. You can have all the features you need like horror night, mini-game, new effect, and sound. This will be a good improvement that changes the whole game. Here is some unique effect that we add to the main game:

  • You can see that the night vision in this game has been improved since the last version. You can see more clearly, but the monsters will not show much detail about them. Players will need to combine all the details to have a full view of the game. Like the story!
  • Omega Custom Night games are all free games, but you will need to unlock them. This is not an available game for new players. Only those who can win the mission of the first five nights can play this mode.
  • The jump scare of this game has been fixed. No more bugs will appear in your game. If there is one, check for the fixing tools we gave you.

Omega Custom Night: Reborn is now run well for you; download and enjoy the whole show!


By: Chief_Official @CGlitchOfficial

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