Rejected Custom Night: Reborn

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Rejected Custom Night: Reborn will show you how to be a creator. This time you can choose from the character to all the background of the game. Each time you and your friends come to this game, you have to fight a unique battle.

Rejected Custom Night: Reborn

And in this battle, there will be some machine that is trying to kill you. These machines come from the bottom of hell. And they will not let you win them that easy. Rejected Custom Night is a new version where you can find more monsters and more machines.

They will be the biggest challenge for you. When you want to kill them, you must call for help from your friend. This game will allow you to play in an online mode, and you can connect to your page to have more support.

Rejected Custom Night: Reborn Free Download will be that feature you need. This one will allow you to download the game easier. But it would be best if you come back to our page to have some updates. Or you can follow us!


by: KamilFirma @KamilFirma

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