Afton’s Revenge

Afton's Revenge Free Download

Afton’s Revenge Free Download brings horror battles in the darkroom. Pick up your weapon and destroy the scary animatronic, or you will become the prey. Afton’s Revenge Free Download Afton’s

Mugen Battle Mania

Mugen Battle Mania Free Download

Mugen Battle Mania is an arena you need to get in and win all the fights. Fan games will have some new characters that belong to this game. Mugen Battle

Project: Freddy 2

Project: Freddy 2 Free Download

Project: Freddy 2 is a game, and this game is coming to the complete version. This Five Nights at Freddy’s will not let you down; more fun choices will be

After Hours

After Hours will send you to a small town. This is where you start your adventure. It could be where you play or the place you were raped in. Five