Dusttale Free Download is a bright entertainment option if you love mini-games from Toby Fox’s Undertale. If you were Chara and you found many mysterious events behind the traumatic events

Clickertale 3

Clickertale 3 Free Download is an adventure horror game. People come to this one and try to find out what will be in the game features. How to get some

Sans Simulator

Sans Simulator Free Download is an amazing 2D arcade game. The game is the right choice if you like Undertale. The game offers many tough battles with boss Sans. An

Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official)

Coffy's: Enhanced (Official) Free Download

Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official) Free Download brings horror puzzle experiences in Coffy’s CafĂ©- a strange place with mysterious characters. The gameplay is exceptionally haunting. Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official) Version: 2.0.0 Coffy’s: Enhanced

Mugen Battle Mania

Mugen Battle Mania Free Download

Mugen Battle Mania is an arena you need to get in and win all the fights. Fan games will have some new characters that belong to this game. Mugen Battle



INSANITY – MACABRE will be immense darkness, and your job will stay away from it. This Fan games will give you the best fear you can see in your soul